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Halo Therapy is the Greek term for Salt Therapy, and is based on the application of dry salt aerosol to assist with respiratory, nasal, throat and skin problems. The presence of dry salt aerosol in a clean environment is the key factor of the therapy. Salt Rooms are designed to reconstruct the micro-climate of a salt cave.
Dry salt aerosol has a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory system, including the throat and nasal passages. The treatment assists with the elimination of airborne particles by thinning mucous within the airways therefore speeding up the body’s natural mucociliary transport. Salt Therapy contributes to a reduction in sinus, bronchial and alveoli, inflammation and allows for the widening and clearing of airways.

Every individual is unique and can respond differently to medications or therapy. Some improvement may be felt after one session, but depending on the type and severity of an individual condition, a series of sessions or a maintenance program may be required for long term results. This therapy can be used to compliment your current medication.

Salt Room Therapy is a natural treatment suitable for adults and children from 6 months of age. Children under 13years are accompanied by an adult or guardian throughout the treatment session.


Salt Therapy is a 100% natural & non-invasive treatment. Salt Therapy naturally supports the relief and improves symptoms from:

  • Asthma & Respiratory Inflammation
  • Allergies & Hay Fever
  • Throat Conditions & Coughs
  • Acne & Skin Conditions
  • Fatigue & Stress
  • Sports Performance / Recovery
  • General Wellbeing – Promotes Relaxation, calmness & better sleep

Just ScentSational Salt Therapy utilizes the cleansing effects of dry salt aerosol within a controlled microclimate, a machine is used to finely grind salt into tiny microscopic/aerosol particles. Salt Therapy is a natural non-invasive, drug free therapy that can offer relief for people suffering from allergies and many respiratory and skin conditions. Salt has natural anti-histamine, anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory & anti-fungal properties that in turn helps relieve inflammation and congestion in the airways, as the salt aerosol is breathed in it passes through the airways breaking up or loosening congestion. Salt Therapy is not just for those with breathing or skin issues, it can also help with general health, stress relief and relaxation, our Salt Therapy room is a high negative ion environment, negative ions help boost the immune system, giving you a better night sleep and the feeling of wellness.

Sessions for adults or children 14yrs+ run for 45mins

Sessions for children 0-13yrs run for 30mins



Book your first session and get your 2nd session FREE

**Terms and Conditions
*Must be redeemed within 2 months of first session.
*Valid for new customers only.
*Free session Non Transferable.

CHILD 0-16yrs
3 Sessions*$90$75
6 Sessions*$150$120
Room/Group Booking$100$100

* Session packages/passes are non-transferable/refundable

1 adult is complimentary with any full paying child under 13yrs, additional adult $20, additional child $10

Opening hours

Monday – 10am – 4pm
Tuesday – 10am – 4pm
Wednesday – 10am – 4pm
Thursday – 10am – 4pm
Friday – CLOSED
Saturday – 10am – 1pm
Sunday – CLOSED

After hours Salt Therapy available for group bookings with 3+ Adults by appointment only.


Factory 1/8 O’Hart Close, Charmhaven, NSW (we are located at the end of the road in a purple/grey building)

To Book call us on 02 4393 3273 or CONTACT US

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